Who We Are

ÁGUAS MINERAIS E DE NASCENTE DE PORTUGAL (APIAM) is a non-profit business association, formed by 18 companies that are dedicated, in Portugal, to the exploration, packaging and commercialization of natural mineral and spring waters and other packaged waters. It assumes the signature “A PUREZA DA ORIGEM” (“THE PURITY OF ORIGIN”).

Our mission

  • Promote, defend, and highlight the high-quality standards of natural mineral waters and bottled spring waters that are characterized by their original purity.
  • Contribute to protecting the Portuguese heritage of natural mineral and spring waters, unique in terms of quality and diversity, assuming a commitment to environmental protection and the preservation of natural hydrogeological resources, guaranteeing the availability in quality and quantity of natural mineral waters and spring waters, so that future generations, like the current ones, can enjoy the drink that was originally more natural and purer.

Our vision

Achieve maximum recognition for Portugal's natural and spring mineral waters, a natural, unique, and distinctive product, originating from aquifers with protected purity, assuming the signature “A PUREZA DA ORIGEM”.

Our Contacts

Av. Miguel Bombarda, n.º 110, 2 Dto, 1050-167 LISBOA
Telf: +351 217940574 / 75 (call to the national fixed network)
Fax: +351 217938233
Email: geral@apiam.pt